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Today, DataNet Africa, a wholesale access provider, operating in East African region, announced its dGLAN business networking platform in Uganda Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) CE 2.0 certified. While operating the Carrier Ethernet Network (CEN) Datanet Africa is becoming the first CEN operator in East African region to provide MEF CE 2.0 E-Access certified Wholesale Ethernet Access circuits.

About the company's recent CE 2.0 E-Access certification accomplished, Datanet Africa CTO Ishkhan Martirosyan said, "As many other markets around the globe, East African market faces graduate transformation. Businesses are becoming complex and multifunctional in nature, adopting advanced services to expand and optimize productions, making them as efficient as possible. They need true cost effective business networking platforms and solutions, which go beyond just basic Internet, local loop connectivity or IPLCs, as a tool (not an element of luxury) in their daily routines. This is what Datanet Africa is building in the region, its GLAN, performance oriented and application aware business networking framework which is now MEF CE 2.0 E-Access certified, meets the highest possible industry standards.

Based on ADVA's certified switching gear GLAN is a networking platform which enterprises, multi national corporates, healthcare, finance and governmental institutions can comfortably rely upon for their businesses operations. For international and regional service providers we are now providing certified Ethernet access circuits, interconnects or ENNIs to support offnet business while delivering end to end service with peace in mind and in a standardized manner.

Last but not least. We've created a bridgehead towards the MEF's ThirdNetwork/LSO framework and hopefully soon next generation orchestrated services could emerge supporting real business cases springing on the market”.

DataNet Afrcia, established in 2000, is a wholesale network operator out of Uganda. Company's portfolio includes access and Cloud services as well as Internet/IP transit. Its main strength is in delivery of business networking solutions to the market, focusing on performance and reliability. Company's access services have been successfully exploited by International service providers while delivering the service offnet. 100 Mbps/1 Gbps Ethernet circuits are a common base while offering data link services to different verticals on the market. Just recently Datanet Africa rolled it's Carrier Ethernet Network covering two neighboring East African countries Uganda and Kenya extending its carrier Ethernet services across the borders.

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