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VSAT iDirect

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Datanet's VSAT platform is designed specifically for corporate clients, as well for telecommunication operators that transmitting and receiving large variety of data. The platform is flexible enough to organize a direct links between subscribers eliminating a HUB (mesh topology). It also allows the use of a HUB while interconnecting different remote sites (star topology) which is important for providing services such as:

  • IP-telephony
  • high-speed Internet connection
  • distance learning and video conferencing

With its HUB facilities located in Washington DC Datanet's VSAT platform takes customers traffic directly to US and European backbones eliminating terrestrial facilities prone to power and infrastructure failures, unscheduled emergency maintenance and more. This has proved to be a very successful service particularly with the Oil companies, Banks and other corporates who run business critical applications. Outside Uganda we have clients in Nigeria, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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